Thirteenth Annual Washington Bar Association (WBA) Career Fair Employer List. Deadline for employers to sign up to participate in the WBA  Career Fair is February 23, 2016. This list will be updated.

  1. Pennsylvania Office Consumer Advocate (OCA):  The OCA is the statutory representative of Pennsylvania's consumers of regulated electric, gas, telephone, water and wastewater services.   Summer Internship, School-year internship, Paid position.
  2. Fay Law Group PLLC: Labor/Employment; Civil Rights; Litigation; Contract Law.   Summer Internship, School-year internship, Volunteer position.
  3. The DGO Law Group, PLLC    Employment Law, Civil Rights, Family Law, Personal Injury.  Summer Internship, School-year internship.
  4. The Public Defender Service for the District of Columbia:  Indigent Criminal Defense (hiring). Summer Internship, School-year internship, Paid position, Volunteer position.
  5. Law Offices of Neal and Haney:   Summer Internship, School-year internship, Paid position.
  6. U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission:  Securities Law.   Summer Internship, School-year internship, Clerkship, Paid position, Volunteer position.
  7. United States Marine Corps: Criminal Law, Military Law, International Humanitarian Law.   Summer Internship, Paid position.  Booth w/ Information regarding positions/program.
  8. U.S. Civilian Board of Contract Appeals:   Table Talk/Informational only
  9. Bryant Miller Olive: Municipal Finance; Public Finance; Affordable Housing Finance.  Summer Internship, Paid position.
  10. Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI)
  11. McCree Ndjatou, PLLC: Employment Law; Commercial Law; Estate Planning; Consumer Protection.  Summer Internship, School-year internship.
  12. Correia & Puth, PLLC: Employment Law. Summer Internship.
  13. WBA Judicial Council Internship Program: Judicial summer internship; scholarship. Table talk/informational.
  14. U.S. Department of Justice -- Arlington Immigration Court: Immigration. Table talk/informational.
  15. United States Coast Guard Legal Program: Summer internship 2017.
  16. U.S. Department of Energy: Environment. Summer internship, School-year internship.