Past Presidents of the Washington Bar Association

President Year(s) Served
1st George E.C. Hayes 1925-1928
2nd Sylvester McLaurin 1928-1930
3rd Charles H. Houston 1930-1932
4th Charles E. Robinson 1932-1933
5th Augustus Gray 1933-1934
6th Thurman L. Dodson 1934-1936
7th William L. Houston 1936-1938
8th Henry L. Johnson, Jr. 1938-1940
9th James A. Cobb 1940-1942
10th Richard L. Atkinson 1942-1944
11th George A. Parker 1944-1946
12th William A. Powell 1946-1948
13th Maurice R. Weeks 1948-1950
14th Leroy H. McGivney 1950-1952
15th Joel D. Blackwell 1952-1954
16th William S. Thompson 1954-1956
17th George B. Parks 1956-1958
18th DeLong Harris 1958-1960
19th E. Lewis Farrell 1960-1962
20th John D. Fauntleroy, Sr. 1962-1964
21st Frederick H. Evans 1964-1966
22nd James W. Cobb 1966-1968
23rd Alexander Benton 1968-1970
24th Bruce R. Harrison 1970-1972
25th John McDaniel, Jr. 1972-1974
26th Ruth Hankins-Nesbitt 1974-1976
27th Melvin J. Washington 1976-1978
28th J. Clay Smith, Jr. 1978-1980
29th Thomas A. Duckenfield 1980-1982
30th Iverson O. Mitchell, III 1982-1984
31st John A. Turner, Jr. 1984-1986
32nd Nathaniel H. Speights 1986-1988
33rd Keith W. Watters 1988-1990
34th Wendell W. Webster 1990-1991
35th Belva D. Newsome 1991-1993
36th Michael M. Hicks 1993-1995
37th Ronald C. Crump 1995-1997
38th Michael S. Rosier 1997-1999
39th Donald A. Thigpen, Jr. 1999-2001
40th Kim M. Keenan 2001-2003
41st Felicia L. Chambers 2003-2005
42nd Kevin D. Judd 2005-2007
43rd Robert Bell 2007-2008
44th Ronald C. Jessamy, Sr. 2008-2010
45th Iris McCollum Green 2010-2012
46th William "Billy" Martin 2012-2014
47th Karen E. Evans 2014-2016