Ollie May Cooper Award and Founders' Lecture Series

Washington Bar Association, Founded May 26, 1925

The Founders
Ulysses Simpson Garnes

Louis Rothschild Mehlinger

George E.C. Hayes

Charles E. Robinson

Charles Hamilton Houston

J. Franklin Wilson

Resolution of Intent of the Founders' Lecture Series

WHEREAS, in July 1981, Thomas A. Duckenfield, President, recommended, and the Board of Directors approved, the creation of the Founders' Lecture Series, named after and in honor of the Founders of the Washington Bar Association. The Founders of our Bar include persons with a variety of specialties, interests, abilities and experiences. They were all talented in certain areas and they shared ideas, objectives and purposes. They recognized that in coming together to educate themselves they could better represent their clients and enhance their own levels of knowledge. Such concepts of education have continued throughout the history of our Bar; and

WHEREAS, as an association, we have found that continuity of education provided by members of the Bar and our community has strengthened our ability to meet the needs of our community; and

WHEREAS, the implementation of continuing education lectures and presentations allows members of the Bar to meet basic legal requirements of jurisprudence; and

WHEREAS, our Founders encouraged members of our community and the Bar to cooperate and promote continuing education in all aspects of the law and society.

BE IT RESOLVED, that the Washington Bar Association shall present a series of lectures, speakers and presentations on various topics and interests continually to educate members of the Bar and the community. The Annual Founders' Lecture shall be delivered in October of each year by a distinguished guest speaker.


Chairman of the Board

Washington, District of Columbia