WBA Judicial Selection and Evaluation Committee

The Washington Bar Association  (WBA) plays an active role in advancing members of the Washington DC legal community by endorsing candidates for important legal positions, such as the bench and NBA bar leadership positions. All candidate endorsement requests are considered by the WBA Judicial Selection and Evaluation Committee.  Under our By-laws, the Judicial Selection and Evaluation Committee shall be appointed by the President. This Committee shall advise the Membership of judicial vacancies in the courts of the District of Columbia and, submit to the Executive Committee of the Board of Directors the names of persons to be recommended for appointment to such judicial office. The Judicial Selection and Evaluation Committee shall from time to time survey the Membership or otherwise identify members of the Association for appointive office. The Judicial Selection and Evaluation Committee shall also have responsibility for other matters pertaining to the Judiciary, including but not limited to, the evaluation of judicial performance.

If you are interested in securing an endorsement from the WBA, please contact the Judicial Selection and Evaluation Committee Chair Wendell W. Webster at wwebster@websterfredrickson.com.

Any person requesting WBA endorsement must be submitted in writing no less than 30 days before the endorsement is due, however we will make exceptions in rare circumstances.

Washington Bar Association Guidelines for Endorsement of Applicants for Judicial Appointment & Appointive Office

The Judicial Selection and Evaluation Committee of the Washington Bar Association submits recommendations to the Board of Directors of the WBA for the Association’s endorsement of applicants for judicial appointment and appointive office in accordance with the following guidelines and procedures.

In keeping with the philosophy of Houstonian Jurisprudence, the stated goal of the Committee is to identify qualified  applicants    with a demonstrated commitment to equal justice under the law. Prior to recommending the endorsement of an applicant, the  Committee interviews the applicant and reviews background materials, writing samples and other pertinent information in an effort to determine the candidate's fitness for judicial appointment or appointive office. Applicants are evaluated based upon the following factors, as appropriate:

1)  judicial temperament

2)  professional skills and abilities

3) adherence to ethical standards and exercise of sound professional judgment

4) demonstrated commitment to fundamental fairness and diversity

5) effective leadership and communication skills (oral & written)

6) demonstrated efficiency and organizational skills in work   performance and in working with others

7)  demonstrated commitment to the public interest and community service