About Law Students Division

The WBA is committed to maintaining a legacy of excellence and service.  To that end, the Law Students Division was established in 2007 to specifically begin fostering these attributes in the next generation of lawyers.

The LSD is a pipeline for the law students to establish relationships with Law Students, Attorneys, Judges, and other legal professionals during their law school career. The LSD works to provide forums for networking, informal mentorship, career advice, and volunteer opportunities.

Below are a few programs offered to members of the LSD:

Career Fair

This is the WBA's annual fair and is designed to equip law students with the tools they need to compete in a tough market.  Held in the early Spring semester, the fair is held each February and includes sessions on resume critiques, mock interviews and the dos and don'ts of interviewing.  The fair also provides an opportunity for law students to apply for summer internships and meet members of the judiciary who are seeking interns.

Law Clerk Preparation

The WBA is fortunate to be the only voluntary bar association with a Judicial Council that boasts more than 100 members of the state and federal courts. Working with the Judicial Council the WBA-LSD has established a Judicial Internship Program and Law Clerk Boot Camp.  The WBA is committed to ensuring that students are prepared to compete for position of Law Clerk and thrive once they obtain the positions after graduation.

Bar Mentorship Program

The WBA’s "Raising the Bar" is a mentorship program that matches third year law students who are sitting for the bar exam with already licensed attorneys who will guide the students through the bar examination process from the moment they submit their application to the day they receive their test results.  This program is sponsored by the Young Lawyers Division and is a demonstration of their commitment to making sure that members of the Law Student Division pass the bar examination on their first try.

This program is open to all recent graduates taking a bar examination. However, persons taking the bar for an additional jurisdiction and repeat test takers are also welcome and encouraged to apply for a bar mentor.

Service opportunities

The Young Lawyer's Division has partnered with the Thurgood Marshall Academy to provide mentors and tutors to high school students who attend this law-prep public chartered school.  Housed in Ward 8, one of the District's most impoverished areas, TMA is a shining light with a 100 percent high school graduation rate and a 100 percent college admission rate compared to Ward 8's college graduation rate at a dismal 8 percent.

LSD members serve as an invaluable resource to TMA students who may otherwise act as role models and mentors. The Young Lawyers and Law Students work hand in hand to help these high school students apply to college, assist homework, and plan for their professional lives.

We encourage you to join the LSD so that you can be a part of the WBA's rich legacy of excellence and service.  For more information about how to get involved, send an email to Jason Grant, LSD Advisor, at wbayldbusiness@gmail.com.