Professional Development

The Washington Bar Association strives to enhance the professional skills of its members and encourages its members to achieve legal excellence consistent with the philosophy of Houstonian Jurisprudence. The Association promotes these objectives by providing useful resources to its members that will increase their ability to compete in today's competitive legal market. Each year, the Association offers training, mentoring, coaching and business development to its members. The Association’s board and committees monitor the trends of the legal community to provide useful programs based on their findings. Providing members with the best resources in professional development allows the Association to continue its effort to better its membership and the legal community.

In addition to providing professional development resources, the Association advocates for diverse hiring and promotion practices among legal employers. Once a candidate demonstrates the necessary qualifications to fill a position, it is important to ensure that the candidate receives an equal opportunity among other candidates. The Association is hopeful that its career development resources and advocacy efforts will help boost minority representation among law firm partners, in top D.C. law firms and in the legal community as a whole.