Public Service

The Washington Bar Association is committed to serving the legal community and the community in which we live.  During the year, the Association offers its members several opportunities to engage in public service projects that will benefit both the legal community and the DC community. In addition, the Association is proud to collaborate with national and local organizations to foster a sense of community among professionals and increase the impact of its public service projects. The Association hosts public service projects and initiatives such as:

  • Hand-On Community Service Projects
  • Citizens’ Rights Events
  • Showcase and Raise Funds for the WBA Foundation and other Philanthropic Groups
  • Mentorship to High School Students and Law Students
  • Law Student Career Fair
  • Scholarships to Outstanding Law Students
  • Professional Development Training

Public service is an intricate part of being a lawyer, and the Association encourages each of its members and affiliates to show their appreciation for the DC community by participating in as many service projects as possible.

For questions about getting involved in WBA public service projects, contact us at