Criteria and Requirements for Hall of Fame Nominations

The Board of Directors of the Washington Bar Association has adopted the following criteria and requirements for the submission of names to be considered for induction into its Hall of Fame:


The criteria for nomination are that the individual:

(1) Must be a member of the Washington Bar Association;

(2) Has practiced law for at least 25 years, and

(3) Has made significant contributions to the cause for equal justice under law and to the profession.


The requirements that must be followed in the nomination process are as follows:

(1) The individual making the nomination must be a Washington Bar Association member in good, financial standing at the time the nomination is made.  If the nominated individual is not a current, dues paying member of WBA, the person making the nomination must demonstrate that the nominee was a member in the past.  The proof of past membership may come from such sources as, WBA membership rolls, credible news accounts demonstrating that the individual was a member or a sworn statement by the person submitting the nomination that the individual was at one time a WBA member;

(2) The individual submitting the nominee’s name for consideration shall include with the submission, a biographical resume highlighting the nominee’s accomplishments and contributions; a 5”x&7” photograph of the nominee; a statement from a state Bar or the highest court in a jurisdiction in which the nominee is admitted to practice law that the nominee is in good standing with the Bar.  A copy of the good standing statement shall be submitted even for nominees who are judicial officers;

(3) The submission of information that includes the nominee’s work or home address and telephone number(s); the name of the law school from which the nominee graduated; and the nominee’s original date of admission to the Bar; and

(4) The submission of the names and contact information of three references for the nominee.

Once the Hall of Fame Committee has made its recommendation(s) for Hall of Fame inductees, the name(s) of each individual nominated shall be submitted to the Board for a vote.


(1) There shall be no self nominations;

(2) No person who is a sitting member of the WBA Board of Directors at the time the nomination(s) is/are to be submitted shall be eligible for nomination, except for past presidents who have been out of office for at least two (2) years prior to the nomination; and

(3) There shall be no extension beyond the date announced by WBA for submission of nominations.