Dedicated to the Principle of Equal Justice Under Law

Dedicated to the Principle of Equal Justice Under Law

The Washington Bar Association supports the professional development and related
needs of Black lawyers in the District of Columbia and is committed to social justice
and advocacy on behalf of the Black community.


Founded in 1925, the Washington Bar Association, Inc. (WBA) is the oldest and largest voluntary bar association comprised primarily of Black attorneys and judges in metropolitan Washington, DC. Since its founding nearly 100 years ago, the WBA has been dedicated to the pursuit of making America’s promise of equal justice under law a reality for all in the District of Columbia and beyond.

Today, the WBA accomplishes its mission through legal and legislative advocacy, judicial evaluation, community outreach and education, and a variety of pipeline programs for local youth. The WBA also hosts networking events, speaker series, and other professional development and legal education programs.

The WBA’s membership base and expanded network include more than a thousand diverse legal professionals in the Washington DC metropolitan area who work in organizations across the full legal industry spectrum. Members of the WBA practice in private firms, the federal, District and local governments, the judiciary, academia, in corporate law departments, and attend local law schools. The WBA’s diverse membership allows for excellent networking opportunities and relationship building to enhance our members’ legal careers.

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The WBA takes an active role in advocating for the philosophies and principles embodied during the founding of the association.

Since its founding in 1925, the WBA has been a beacon for Black lawyers in the District of Columbia and beyond. Long established as a leading organization in the local legal community, the WBA is a strong advocate for its members and the Black community, particularly on matters of social justice and racial equality. As one of the oldest Black Bar associations in the country, the WBA has significant influence, which is imparted to our members. Today, hundreds of legal professionals enjoy the benefits of WBA membership.


The WBA Educational Foundation (WBAEF) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization affiliated with the WBA that supports it mission by partnering with local corporations, law firms, and legal service providers to support the WBA’s educational and charitable missions, including identifying and providing financial assistance to worthy programs that address and advance issues of social and racial justice. The WBAEF provides two distinguished scholarships annually to students attending local law schools, the Charles Hamilton Houston Scholarship and the Judge Eugene Hamilton Scholarship.

The Charles Hamilton Houston Scholarship Competition

The Judge Eugene Hamilton Scholarship Competition


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